Actor Roderick Bond’s Favourite Supercars

Hollywood A-list actor and British film industry veteran Roderick Bond is known for his love of supercars. Supercar Drift Racers spoke to the multimillionaire who can have any supercar he wants about his favourite supercars, via a Zoom interview. Join us, as we take a look at some of the actor’s top picks!

McLaren F1

Being a well-known an avowed British supercar enthusiast, we weren’t surprised when Roderick Bond told us the McLaren F1 was his favourite supercar of all time. But, what was it about the iconic McLaren F1 that made it stand out for him? “It’s got to be the look, the time it was released and it’s unrivalled performance and handling,” the actor replied.

Jaguar XJ220

“I was riding high on a wave of success; I was finally making the money Hollywood producers and directors had been promising. So, as a car enthusiast, I was ready for an almighty splurge! This coincided with Jaguar’s release of the XJ220, which was followed shortly by the McLaren F1. I had to have both,” Roderick Bond told us, explaining his second choice of favourite supercar.

Lamborghini Diablo

“Not many people know this, but I’ve owed several models of the Lamborghini Diablo over the years. Again, there’s some nostalgia associated to the car in my eyes, but my love for the car goes far beyond that. Often, I find myself looking for Lamborghini Diablos being restored and sold,” Roderick Bond said, explaining his third choice.

McLaren Senna

“The McLaren Senna is my current favourite supercar. I’ve not been able to put it down since I got it last year. It was actually a gift from my wife and now she’s sick of it herself. The McLaren Senna is based on the 720S, but you can really feel the changes they made when you put your foot down!”