Formula One on the Rocks According to Legend Sebastien Vettel

German Formula One racing driver Sebastien Vettel reckons the motorsport has a “huge mountain to climb,” in a statement ahead of the Italian Grand Prix. Speaking to a group of media prior to the race, Vettel described how he believes Formula One needs more than the changes already planned to be viable and survive for another decade. With rule changes set to be enacted in time for the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship season, the star driver believes they will not suffice.

When asked where he felt F1 would be in ten years’ time, he replied: “I think it’s a very interesting question. I think first of all, I think nobody would have thought, certainly not half a year ago, of the situation that the world is in now. It’s a question of what the world is going to be in 10 years? So I think it’s very difficult from that to look at Formula 1 only. I think from my point of view, Formula One has a huge mountain to climb in order to still exist and still…attract the fans and share emotions and passion.”

Vettel continued: “The world is changing, the world is changing very fast. And I think Formula 1 has to more than adapt. I know that obviously there’s the regulation change coming. But, I doubt that it will be enough. I think on a bigger picture Formula One has to do more that just change the regulations. We all hope that the regulation change for the sport will bring the teams closer together and make the competition on track closer. But apart from that, I think the world, as I said, is moving fast and the world will face more and more big topics to fight. F1 cannot remain silent and close its eyes. So it will be actually I think very interesting to see where we are in ten years and where Formula One is.”