One Formula LLP: The Men Behind the Supercar Lifestyle

With their tax efficiency schemes, tax relief claims worth millions and dozens of satisfied high-profile clients, the team at One Formula LLP is increasingly becoming known for the supercar lifestyle they all enjoy. They’re worth millions, and quite possibly billions, and it shows. From their swanky offices in central Manchester, to their slick designer suits, plush Cheshire country homes and, of course, their supercars, it’s clear for all to see that One Formula LLP are riding high. Recently, several members of the team, which includes a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer, were interviewed for a Supercar Drift Racers exclusive. The interview comes in the wake of an announcement by the group, detailing plans to support a range of local charities, including a knife crime charity, an animal welfare charity and a Cold War Tank Museum charity.

Supercar Drift Racers Takes a Peek into the Supercar Lifestyle at One Formula LLP

We’re told to meet at popular location, but instructed to keep the precise location secret. From there, we’re escorted by handlers belonging to One Formula LLP in a blacked-out supercar. Adding to the mystery of the affair, we’re requested to switch off all recording equipment and politely asked to remove the pin-eye camera in pocket of my jacket. As we enter a compound and undergo further security checks, it transpires that we’re at a small airport. A few small planes are parked outside two large hangars, outside of which are assembled several dozen top of the range supercars. Upon first glance, my eyes dart from a McLaren 720s to a Lamborghini Hurucan Evo then a Ford GT and a Ferrari F8 Tributo. If this is what’s parked outside, what must be hidden within the hangars, I think excitedly. As we’re led up to the main hangar, we’re greeted by a shadowy and little-known figure. “You may be thinking you’re here for supercars, but we’ve got something bigger, meaner and stronger for you. Our Cold War tanks collection!” he exclaims with a cheeky grin.